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The Virginia Tech Triathlon Club was founded in 1997 by three eager and energetic student-athletes. Their goal was to create an organization that would provide support for other student-athletes with a desire to learn the sport of triathlon. They also intended the club to offer a means for more serious triathletes to better themselves through intercollegiate competition and also provide a network of athletes with similar training goals. The club competes intercollegiately on regional and national levels. The club is open to all able undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at Virginia Tech. The club strives to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all members whether first-timer or world recognized pro athlete. The club has not limited itself to strictly triathlons, many members also compete in other multi-sport and/or endurance races such as duathlons, adventure races, marathons and ultra-marathons. The Triathlon Club at Virginia Tech is well suited for any athlete from the beginner to the experienced so feel free to contact an officer or stop by a weekly meeting and check us out!
A triathlon is a type of race in which participants compete in three successive events that consist of swimming, cycling, and running. Many people have the misconception of a triathlon being the infamous Ironman, however, this is not true. Team members compete in triathlons of variety of distances, and not just triathlons. We compete mostly in the Sprint and Olympic distance races. Members also compete in road races, duathlons, biathlons, marathons, adventure races, swim meets, and so on. The team was formed to bring together athletes with the similar interest of competing in triathlons and other multi-sport or endurance events, to provide group training, camaraderie, and a team atmosphere, as well as a way to introduce the sport to new members. Please do not be intimidated by the sport, we welcome and accommodate all abilities.
Triathlon Lengths
  • Sprint               0.5 mile swim / 12.0 mile bike / 3.1 mile run


  • Olympic             1.0 mile swim / 26.7 mile bike / 6.2 mile run
  • Half-Ironman    1.2 mile swim / 56.0 mile bike / 13.1 mile run
  • Ironman            2.4 mile swim / 112.0 mile bile / 26.2 mile run
The only equipment you need for swimming includes a swim suit and goggles, though you might want some fins or a kickboard for specific workouts. All you really need for running is a pair of running shoes and some comfortable clothing. Cycling seems to be the grey area for people in terms of equipment. Sometimes people are intimidated by triathlons because they are unfamiliar with road bikes, but this should not be the case. Generally road or time trial bikes are used in triathlons, but there is nothing stopping someone from riding a mountain bike. As you talk to members of the team you will learn more and more about road cycling and equipment. It is true that road bikes can be expensive, but once you've decided that it's time to get one, the team will help you make a smart purchase. Fortunately, East Coasters can give you a great deal on a bike if you are a paid member of our club. You can also rent a decent road bike for training or racing for less than $5 a day either at Hokie Spokes or East Coasters.
An organized workout schedule is listed on the training page, it lists workout time, discipline and who will be leading the workout. During the winter months there is usually some form of spin class set in place. Also, e-mails are sent out on the listserv by members who are planning on training, giving the time, place, and type of workout, and anyone interested can join. The Triathlon Team holds clinics which allow more experienced swimmers, runners or cyclists to help out those that might be new to one of the respective disciplines. Several of our members are also on the Cycling Team's listserv, so they can get emails regarding Cycling Club workouts (which Triathlon Club members are welcome to join).
For the first time ever, the Triathlon Team will have coaches this year. They are through Triadventure Multisport coaching. Our main coaches will be Anne Jones Thompson and Kelly Mcpherson . Their website is http://www.triadventure.com
The Triathlon Team races together many times during the year. We are most active in spring season, though we organize races together during all parts of the year. The team provides a strong sense of unity through support, encouragement, and fellowship at races. As a member you will be compensated for at least a portion of the "team" race costs. This Fall there are three such races listed on our schedule. While the standard collegiate distance is the Olympic distance, the team races a variety of distances. Furthermore, we race together in some events outside of triathlons, such as road races and duathlons and other multi-sport races. Our big race during the year is the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships, which is a really great trip. You should not be intimidated at all by racing; in fact, it's the aspect of triathlons that will get you hooked.
Most of the races we attend are USAT Certified and require either an annual USAT membership or a one-day license to compete. If you intend to compete in multiple triathlons it may be wise to buy an annual membership. One-day licenses usually cost about $10 and can usually be purchased on the races website. It's a lot easier to buy an annual one from www.USAtriathlon.com and its only $30.
Competing in triathlons can be very expensive. Races alone can range from $40 to $100, not to mention the high cost of equipment. To compensate for these costs the team does some fundraising. While fundrasing is not mandatory it is highly encouraged. The more work members put into fundrasing the more funds the team will have to help offset racing and equipment costs.


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