LISTSERVs (often referred to as 'lists' or 'mailing lists') allow a user to distribute information through e-mail to many people at once by sending the message to one e-mail address. Each person who receives a message from a LISTSERV is considered to be 'subscribed' to that list. LISTSERVs are used for discussion forums, event and update notifications, and news delivery.

The most common use of LISTSERVs at Virginia Tech is for classes. Many course instructors set up a LISTSERV for each of their classes so they may distribute information to all the students in a specific class. They may e-mail important class updates or answer questions that come up during class time. This also allows a student to e-mail the LISTSERV with a question and for other students to answer the question. LISTSERVs are a valuable tool in saving class time.

LISTSERV does not restrict sending or receiving attachments. However, Virginia Tech imposes a 5 MB file size limit to any incoming or outgoing e-mail message. As long as the total size of the e-mail you are sending is less than 5 MB, you will be able to send attachments to any LISTSERV list.

If you are a student, it is important to know that when you are subscribed to a class list, you may be responsible for all information discussed on it. Instructors often make changes to homework assignments and clarify material discussed in class on LISTSERVs. Also, you can not remove yourself from a class list. The professor must sign you off.

LISTSERVs can generate many e-mail messages a day. It is recommended that you filter LISTSERV messages to keep them separate from other personal mail. Filtering puts LISTSERV messages in their own mailbox, making them easier to sort through. Instructions for setting up an e-mail filter in both Outlook Express and Eudora are listed below. If you find that a specific LISTSERV is generating too many unwanted messages and you don't need the list, you may unsubscribe from it.

Subscribing to 'TRICLUB' LISTSERV

To subscribe:

  1. Address a new message to
  2. In the body of the message type: subscribe triclub firstname lastname
  3. Send the e-mail message


Unsubscribing to 'TRICLUB' LISTSERV

To unsubscribe from a list:

  1. Address a new message to
  2. In the body of the message type: signoff triclub
  3. Send the e-mail message


For more help with using Virginia Tech LISTSERVs click here.

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