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Training Plans - Fall 2008


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Planning Your Schedule
Paul Gantzer's Training Guide - This is an interactive excel file that allows you to enter your personal information to help you plan your workouts based on personal goals(time). Courtesy of Paul Gantzer, pgantzer, VT triathlon co-founder/member. Be sure to thank him for his hard work on this excellent program! The new version is password protected to prevent accidental cell/formula modification. To enter data (yellow cells) use password (case sensitive) "Hokies"

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Virginia Tech Masters Swimming
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Additional Swim Workouts
VT Pool Hours

Virginia Tech Cycling - Bike Fit Guide

Blacksburg Striders
Hal Higdon Training Guide

Pre-Race Nutrition/Other
Pre-Race Nutrition by Bob Seebohar
Carbo Loading
Candence Set-up on the Bike



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